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This is your site for pods and dried and decorative botanicals from around the world.  We currently carry over 60 items, including new kits, dichoric glass, and beautiful beads.  Most pods are natural in color and will add interest and texture to any rim treatment.  The botanicals are also great in wreaths and other art projects.  Please take a few minutes to look site over.  Be sure to click on “Gourd Examples” under the Products category for examples of my gourd art.

Betsey Sloan, gourd artist, author, instructor

painted apple slices on gourd

This is an example of how pods can be painted to change their appearance.  This gourd has a crackle finish over multi-colors of acrylic, with a bronze gel medium coating. Finish is nautical varnish.  The hedge apple slices have been painted.  The rim is QuikWood surrounded by a length of seagrass. Both take paint and crackle well.

Attention Gourd Artists:

This space is dedicated to you. Be sure to send me your own GOURD creations using my pods and botanicals. I'd love to show off your work.  Simply attach the image to an e-mail, include your name and state and any comments, and send to

I welcome your comments and suggestions as well.