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GourdWhen I first learned basketry and gourd art in the early 1990's, my first teacher, Judy Briscoe, used many natural materials. Her studio was a riot of skins, dyed reed, antlers, beads, palm stalks of all types vines and more.  The basketry we produced included deer antler handles, seagrass, queen palm stalks as the base,and philodendron sheaths. This use of creating objects with natures bounty spilled over into my gourd work. Over the years, I have located and purchased supplies of various pods and dried, decorative botanicals, and today, I want to share my great "finds" with you.

 Some of you may recognize me from gourd shows in Florida and at Cherokee where I've taught and had booths, selling Pantone (now Tria) inks and my various botanicals. Usually folks say "Oh, there's the pod lady." Hence the name for the web site.

If you are looking for a particular pod or botanical, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to find a source for you. In the meantime, please review the web site and see what you, too, can add to your gourd creations.  I also welcome your input as to the ease of use and layout of my website THEPODLADY.COM.

Betsey Sloan, Gourd Artist/Instructor


Gourd with philodendron sheaths,black acrylic base
under crackle with bronze
gel medium coat. Finish is
nautical varnish. Philo-
dendron sheath rim with
frogs mouth pod, feather
and spiny acorn cap.

Gourd with Tria ink color-ant with bronze gel medium coat, finish is nautical varnish.
Rim of philodendron sheaths, sponge mushroom and feather.

THEPODLADY is otherwise known as Betsey Sloan, a native of New England and a recent transplant to the South. In her previous professional life, she was a public relations director for a large health care corporation. Since retiring in the early 90's, she has become a recognized instructor of gourd art. She also taught natural and reed basketry up until a few years ago when she began focusing all her creative drive on gourd vessels.

Over the last 14 years, Betsey has taught at major art and craft schools, such as the JCCampbell Folk School, The Brookfield Craft Center, and Fletcher Farm Art and Craft Center. She has taught gourd art at gourd gatherings and private studios all the way from Maine to Florida and as far west as New Mexico.

She has also owned and operated an artisan gallery in Grand Isle, VT,  representing 75 other artists. She taught basketry and gourd art out of at a small studio within the gallery while also doing the fine art/fine craft show circuit.   

She is certified in Art Silver and Precious Metal Clay as well. Her gourds have sold in galleries in New Hampshire, Maine, South Carolina and Florida. Her vessels have taken blue ribbons in various gourd exhibits, especially for her work with InLace on which
subject she has written her first craft book. She was very active in her local gourd Patch and with the SC State Society. She is also a AGS Certified Gourd Judge.

Betsey, her husband and three cats, have recently relocated to Franklin, NC.