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    offers over 60 types of pods, dried botanicals and other items from around the world for gourd artists and other crafters.

These often yet strange yet very compelling decorative botanicals add just the right touch to a gourd rim, doll or creature. Review the photos in this site and then let your imagination run wild. All will add a natural touch to wreaths and other home/office decor as well. Most pods are able to be drilled for secure attachment to the gourd, or for wiring into wreaths. See the notes underneath botanicals for a description and hints on how to attach.

Decorative Gourds Gallery:

Botanicals Used:
Design1:  Philodendron sheaths with hedge apple slice, lotus pods, frogs mouth and walnut slice.
Design2:  Philodendron sheaths with estrela pod.
Design3:  Philodendron sheaths, flower mushroom and kiya pod.
Design4:  Sponge mushroom, philodendron sheath
Design5:  Frogs mouth, philodendron sheath
Design6:  Dyed hedge apple slices